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Dissolution of marriage can be an unpleasant experience, to say the least. It has been compared to the feelings of loss and guilt associated with the suffering of a death of a loved one. While that may be true, it should be said that the worst aspect of this undertaking is the fight, which sometimes follows – for custody over the children.

The emotional wreckage it can cause has the potential to leave all members of the family hurt and confused. How can you avoid such a catastrophe? Make your children’s welfare your number one (#1) PRIORITY.

Take yourself out of the equation and quiet the voice in your head that says, “I’ll either win or lose”. Avoid making extensive demands or being inflexible, as that will only make your case more expensive and stressful for you. Keep your eye on what you would like to accomplish: The ability to be heard and have a say in your child/children’s lives. Use that factor as motivation to NOT overreact or respond negatively to whatever your X (and his or her lawyer) might say or do.

Instead, devise a strategy that allows you to respond with dignity to anything that comes your way. Carefully think about and plan your case before it begins, sharing as much information with your lawyer (who is your ally) as possible. Try and work through as many possible scenarios, in advance, and formulate the possible responses, which are appropriate and positive. If you can, do your best to reach an agreement with the other party that puts the welfare and wellbeing of your children first.

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