Personal Injury Law | What to Do after a Traffic Collision

When involved in an auto accident, most people are too shaken or dazed to do anything. The most important thing to do is to remain calm; check yourself and your passengers, if any, for injuries and always try to contact the police.

If it’s a minor accident and the police will not come out, move out of traffic if there is a chance that further danger or injury could take place if you keep the vehicles in the same position after the accident. That way you will have time to gather important information from the other party.

The following […]

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Family Law | What Can I do if My Ex is Getting Paid “Under the Table” and Not Paying Child Support?

In San Bernardino County, and throughout California, child support obligations must be divided amongst parents in a manner that aligns with income of both of the parties and the amount of overnight time a child spends with each of the parents. Simply put, a non-custodial parent, with a court order to pay child support, is required to contribute to a child’s well-being in proportion to that parent’s income and how much time that parent spends with the child.

For a variety of reasons, from perceived unfairness, to dissatisfaction with the Court, one party might attempt to avoid their […]

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Stefan Robert Pancer, P.C. Featured on Matt Rundle Radio

Stefan Robert Pancer of Pancer Law was recently asked to be a guest contributor on the Rundle Radio show. Stefan discussed bankruptcy law, the current laws regarding bankruptcy in California, and gave advice to those who are thinking of filing for bankruptcy.

The Rundle Radio show is part of The Real Estate Radio Network and provides expert information in real estate, finance, and related industries. Listen to Stefan Pancer discuss Bankruptcy Law with Matt Rundle

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Personal Injury Law | What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are similar to a car accident but the potential is so much worse… A motorcycle accident can leave you dazed, confused, bleeding, often with broken bones or the very least, unable to protect yourself from further injury. You will be quite upset, scared, and feeling extremely vulnerable. You must be your own advocate when it comes to situations involving accidents of any kind, especially motorcycle accidents, until you can contact a qualified personal injury attorney. If you can, lock down the facts of the scene; take photos showing the position of the other vehicle(s), the position of […]

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