Family Law Attorney in San Bernardino & Redlands, California

In California, Divorce is called Dissolution of Marriage. It is never an easy option, and it is one of the hardest roads a family can travel, but when it becomes necessary, you need an attorney who truly understands the seriousness of the situation and the legal complexities involved. Stefan Pancer is a family law attorney who will protect your rights and help you regarding your interest in protecting the rights of your minor children.

Law Offices, Stefan Robert Pancer P.C. Can Help You with Your Family Law Case

Stefan is experienced in California Family Law and understands what can happen in terms of child support, child custody and visitation, as well as the effect divorce can have on community property and separate property issues. We handle all cases involving:

If you have been in a non-marital relationship and have minor children from that relationship, you may also be entitled to protection regarding, custody, visitation, and support.

If you have found yourself walking down the difficult road to Dissolution of Marriage or Separation, Stefan Pancer is the family law attorney you want on your side.