Child Custody Attorney in San Bernardino & Redlands, California

Determining child custody regarding the issues of, legal custody and physical custody is a difficult and weighty matter. During a time of heated emotion, Stefan Pancer is the sound voice of reason. He will explain your parental rights under California law and help you determine how best to proceed for you and your family.

Primarily, child custody disputes involve disagreements over who will be the primary custodial parent; but there are many other issues to consider. As an example, who will make medical and educational decisions for the child? What about concerns over religious education? Are there any issues involving the grandparents?

Mr. Pancer will assist you with your specific concerns.

Mr. Pancer understands that under normal circumstances, the primary consideration during Dissolution of Marriage is that both parents are involved in their vital parenting role. However, there are exceptions to this rule when the other parent may harm a child. Mr. Pancer will press forward with your concerns to the other party, their attorney, if they have one, or to the Court, in order to protect the welfare and stability of your child/children.

The Law Offices, Stefan Robert Pancer, P.C. are very familiar with the issues affecting and determining child custody and visitation. If you are involved with California child custody and visitation negotiations, and they are taking a difficult turn, contact the Law Offices, Stefan Robert Pancer, P.C. for a free telephone consultation to see if they can give you some advice on what you may consider doing in your situation, and how they can help.

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