Alimony & Spousal Support Attorney in San Bernardino & Redlands, California

In the state of California, spousal support statues limit the ordering of spousal support payments (sometimes referred to as maintenance payments) based upon the length of marriage as well as the specific need of the receiving spouse and the ability to pay by the supporting spouse. Perhaps in other states, the terms for ordering payment of support may be very broad. California-based orders for support are generally (in short-term marriages) a measure, which helps the receiving spouses re-establish some financial independence. In long-term marriages, the support order may be in place for an extended period of time.

Payments could be intended to help the receiving spouse complete or receive educational or vocational training and acquire skills needed to secure gainful employment in the open job market. Spouses who have primarily served as a domestic role in the marriage are considered for support, by the court, to compensate that spouse for a related loss or lack of marketable, workplace skills.

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