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The State of California is regularly near the top of the list of states with the greatest number of dog bite fatalities. The number of dog bite injuries is rising as well. If you or someone you know in Riverside County or San Bernardino County is the victim of a dog bite injury, you may be wondering whether you should contact a lawyer. There are several reasons why contacting a personal injury lawyer would be a wise decision.

By statute in California, an owner of a dog is strictly liable for the harm caused by their dog biting another person. There are a few exceptions to this, such as occurs when the person who was bitten was provoking the dog or trespassing when the bite occurred. A personal injury lawyer in Riverside County or San Bernardino County would be familiar with these exceptions and other intricacies of the law concerning a dog bite injury case.

Lawyers are also experienced in assessing claims; a lawyer would be able to tell you if your case is worth the expense of a lawsuit. That way you wont waste your time and effort in pursuing a dead end lawsuit on your own.

Victims of dog bite injuries often experience fear, uncertainty, and stress from the injury alone. Add to this the tension of trying to get compensated for the injury, and you have a recipe for making the difficulty much worse. Many people in such situations are not able to remain as objective as they need to be through the tedious process of a lawsuit. A lawyer can be the objective advocate that you need to remain focused on getting you the best result.

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Personal Injury law can be quite complicated; a lawyer is experienced and knowledgeable in this area of law, and is able to develop a legal strategy designed to get you the best compensation for your injury. If you have already suffered from a dog bite injury, don’t make the agony worse by trying to resolve the issue on your own; contact a personal injury lawyer today.

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